Hello, CLUE!
ANDROID?Know first when it's ready:

Track your cycle.
It’s beautifully complex.

Clue is designed to make tracking your
fertility accurate, fast and friendly.

Keep track of your monthly cycle
by entering data about your period,
pain, mood, fluid, sexual activity
and personal notes.

Get to know your body.
It’s not a clock.

Glance at your phone to know when
your next period or PMS is coming.

Clue uses an algorithm to calculate and
predict your own unique cycle. The more
you use Clue, the more accurate it gets.

Clue includes educational material
about the menstrual cycle, answering
questions like: Is my cycle normal?
When can I get pregnant? What is PMS?


Lead your life.
It’s your fertility.

Clue is made for you.

Whether you want to get pregnant,
be prepared for your next period or
understand your mood swings. Make the
right decision every day.

Don’t use Clue to avoid pregnancy.